About the Sheikh Museum

  • Mila

    le 29/09/2021 à 22:40 Citer ce message

    When traveling to the UAE, I would like to see as many local attractions as possible, and also see how the sheikhs live. I heard that there is a museum, which was the former residence of the sheikhs. Where is he? And is it true that sheikhs lived there?
  • Anna

    le 29/09/2021 à 22:40 Citer ce message

    The place where Dubai begins is the home of Sheikh Saeed. I advise every tourist to take a time and visit this museum located in the Shindagha district, in front of the entrance to the Dubai Lagoon. Reconstructed in the 1980s, Sheikh Saeed's House was the official residence of the Al-Maktoum family that rules in Dubai. The house was built by Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, who was the ruler of Dubai from 1912-1958. Sheikh Said is the grandfather of the current ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Now the former residence has been turned into a museum, where there are collections of historical photographs, valuable coins, seals, various stamps and important documents. Through the museum, you can learn more about Dubai and the history of the UAE. Well, of course I advise you to try the buggy tour at https://www.bigreddxb.com if you like extreme sports or would like to get to know the desert better.

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